How to Succeed on the Job

Congratulations, you have landed the job of your dreams!  After all the hand-wringing, worrying, and pacing by the phone, you got the job.  That’s great! However, you suddenly realize that you will really need to impress the boss on the job. 

After all, he hired you instead of all those other candidates. Don’t let panic set in just yet.  Follow these job tips, and you’ll be on your way to turning your job into a career.

  • Appearance matters.  Dress and groom yourself appropriately.
  • Pay attention to trends, whether it’s a new food product, advanced kitchen equipment, or the ups and downs of the nation’s economy.
  • Network through professional organizations or associations. 
  • Do not spend time with people who are viewed negatively by management.  The association is enough to give you a bad reputation too.  The opposite is also true.  Spend time with people who are well-liked, and you will be viewed positively.
  • Put in extra time if needed, and make sure your supervisor is aware that you will go the extra mile.
  • Ask for more responsibility and training.  Your manager will view you as a serious worker and a team player interested in helping the company grow and succeed.
  • If you experience a problem with a co-worker or manager, do not complain about it to everyone within earshot.  Ask your manager or your manager’s boss for a meeting to explain what is happening and how you think it can be resolved.  Complaining will only reflect poorly on you

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