How to Motivate Staff and Increase Employee Productivity

Good office management not only ensures that workplace productivity is maintained, operations run smoothly, and employees work together as a team for the overall good of the company. It also cultivates a respectful employer employee relationship and knows how to motivate staff.

One motivational idea proven effective as a way to increase employee job satisfaction and productivity is to empower employee job performance. This is accomplished by allowing more worker independence and responsibility.

Office Management Tip

Want to increase overall productivity and the job performance rating of your work staff? Do what the former chairman and SEO of multi-billion dollar Hershey Foods corporation did.

Richard Zimmerman helped employees feel as though they were valued and trusted members of the workforce. Allowing them to take the initiative to get things done their way. And then rewarded them for successes.

Properly implemented and when not abused, this type freedom creates a more comfortable, congenial work environment. Workers are happier with their jobs; performance is boosted, and everyone – including company bottom line numbers – benefits!

Redefine the Employer Employee Relationship

Administrative office management willing to redefine the relationship between superior and subordinate are discovering something.

Supporting high performing employees who “go out on a limb” to discover and implement ways to make better use of time – not only increases productivity and employee moral. But also helps unleash worker energy that proves contagious to other work staff.

Try the following:

  • Encourage employees to take the initiative
  • Encourage employees to discover ways to make better use of time
  • Encourage employees to think for themselves, while still working together as a team
  • Reward successes

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