5 Tips for Starting a New Career

It’s hard to choose a career as a teenager and young adult that you know you’re going to love for the rest of your life. Some people are lucky enough to know their calling from the get-go, but it’s not uncommon for adults to change directions and try something else midstream, even after years of building a career. I’m in that group — I went to college for nursing but a few years ago became a freelance writer instead (and am happier than I’ve ever been).

Changing careers midstream can be scary, but here are a few basic tips to help things go a little smoother.


    1. Think career. Too often people think of their dream as a hobby or a side job, not a real career, which can subconsciously undermine your efforts and your success.


    1. Expect some failures. There will be setbacks, there’s no doubt about that.


    1. Make strategic choices. All of the decisions you make should move you closer to your ultimate goal, i.e. don’t accept a new promotion at a job you hate if it’s going to interfere with time to pursue the job you want.


    1. Start off with a financial cushion. If you’re strapped for cash and barely surviving, then it’s probably not a good time to take a risk and try something new. Wait until you can build several months of savings as a cushion.


  1. Think opportunity, not just money. Think back to when you were fresh out of college and were happy to just get your foot in the door — you’re gonna have to think that way again (at least a little).

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