How to Know When You’ve Bombed an Interview

Those hours, days, and weeks between interviewing and waiting to hear back can leave even the most confident people questioning everything from their people skills to their personal hygiene habits. But how can you tell if you really bombed a job interview? For starters you can ask yourself these questions:

Did you make a bad first impression? Obvious reasons to answer this as ‘yes’ would be if you arrived late, noticed you were dressed inappropriately, or addressed your interviewer by the wrong name or title.

Did you come off as unfocused or uninterested?
 Signs of this are if the person interviewing you ever had to repeat questions, ask you lots of follow-up questions on the same topic because your answers were too vague, or if you struggled and were awkward when answering common/simple questions about the job and/or company.

Was there a general lack of rapport? Where you casually leaning back in your chair and cracking jokes when the interview started only to find the other person serious, stiff, and not amused? (Or vice versa).

Read more bad interview clues and tips, plus remember that even bad interviews are good for something: experience!

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