Business Side Projects: Using your Personal Skills

Whether you’re running a personal business or working at a company, you can always earn some extra income by using your personal talents that other people don’t have – anything from web development to auto repair. These skills can act as an “insurance policy” if your day-job business shuts down or you find yourself unexpectedly unemployed.

Starting business side projects with your personal skill set can help to supplement your main income. Here are some side projects worth noting:

1. Freelance writing

If you’re a talented writer, you can utilize your writing skills to start a freelancing side business. It can easily fit into your schedule. Good writers can earn around $50-$60 per day through freelance writing by taking out 2-3 hours. The rate depends upon the skills of the writer, which can be anywhere from $1 per 100 words to $10 per 100 words and beyond. Freelance writing is a great way to earn a decent income.

2. Teaching music lessons

Teaching music lessons is another side project you can go for, but you need to be competent and learn to get along. You would need to set a rate for your lesson, and the idea of the ongoing rate can be obtained by visiting music stores or reading a local newspaper. This side project is perfect for the weekends, and even weekdays after your regular working hours end.

You can keep costs low by spreading out the word through social media, and build a small portfolio to show those who may be interested. You may even land some co-workers or their kids as students.

3. Fixing and repairing car parts

If you’re into vehicles and know a thing or two about how they work, such as why that clunking sound keeps coming from the engine, fixing and repairing car parts might be perfect for you. You can increase your repairing skills with the help of tools like a flexible borescope for diagnosing the problem without opening up the complicated and dirty engine, allowing you to charge a higher rate for providing safety. This side project can be carried out at the weekends, where clients can book their slots in advance.

4. Web designing

Web designing is a side business project that you can work on from any remote location. Don’t feel like having lunch today at your office? Devote that time to make some HTML codes for the client’s website. The web design services can include logo designing, website designing, stationary designing etc. You can find out the ongoing rates through freelance websites.

These side projects can certainly help income to flow on the side without taking away time from your main business or work. There’s no end to what you can do as a side project, and the amount you earn on the side will depend on how good your skills are.


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